We are the Quicksteps of Spring Hill, a Vintage Base-Ball team located in the town of Spring Hill, Tennessee. As a proud member of the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball (TAoVBB), we play the National Pastime abiding by the rules of 1864.

Initiated in 2015, we are one of the youngest teams in the TAoVBB, playing our home matches at the historic Rippavilla Plantation in the heart of Spring Hill.

Erik “Redbird” Smithson

In the beginning, the Quicksteps were only a dream of ballist Erik “Redbird” Smithson. On a dare from a soon-to-be teammate, Erik took on the challenge of building the team from scratch. The first major task came in finding a historic venue with enough space to play on, and that’s where Rippavilla Plantation came through. In the fall of 2015, Rippavilla graciously cut corn on a 300 x 700 foot rectangle for the last time, and now the Quicksteps call it home.

On November 14th, 2015, the Quicksteps (Then the Rippavilla Majors) hosted the first game at Rippavilla Plantation, welcoming the Huntsville Redcaps from Alabama. Over 100 spectators witnessed the Quicksteps defeat the Red Caps by a tally of 21-20. After witnessing the game, Rippavilla Plantation’s Docent, Chuck Byrn, coined the field “The Tennessee Field of Dreams” due to the cornfields that create the backdrop of the outfield.

Once winter set in 2015, with the support of his team and Rippavilla Plantation, Redbird penned the application to join the TAoVBB. On January 7th, 2016, the TAoVBB welcomed the Rippavilla Majors to the TAoVBB family. That year, due to the fact that schedules has already been finalized for 2016, the Majors were allowed to play in the regular season, but were not allowed to compete for the league championship.

On January 19th, 2016, local historians shared articles of a Base Ball team located in the Spring Hill and Columbia area during the 1860’s called the “Quicksteps”. In an effort to remain as historically accurate as possible, the team decided to change the name of the team to the “Quicksteps of Spring Hill.”

On Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, the Quicksteps played their first official match as a member of the TAoVBB, besting the Highland Rim distillers by a tally of 22-8. In 2018, the Quicksteps and Rippavilla Plantation were chosen as the official venue of the season ending championship, the Sulphur Dell Cup. During that weekend, 12 teams from Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville converged to Rippavilla for an 11 game tournament, with the Stewarts Creek Scouts winning the cup.

Today, the Quicksteps remain a vital part of the community, entertaining cranks by recreating the civility of 19th century Base Ball. In addition to the great game, we also play a role at other community events such as the Spring Hill Ham Festival, the Christmas Day Parade, and you’ll often find us reading to our next generation at the Maury County Library or the Columbia Children’s Museum.