Andy “Knuckles” Jones

Knuckles was born in 1824 in Ohio. He always had a passion for working with metal has he learned everything from his father, who was a renown blacksmith of his time.

Andy inherited his father’s skills as he was deemed the best Blacksmith of the era by Abraham Lincoln due in part of his ability to make practically anything out of iron and steel. Andy specializes in artillery and even made Abe’s wagon wheels. Although he was a skilled blacksmith, it was known across town that he had a tendency to miss and strike his knuckles, thus, the nickname “Knuckles” was born.

He carried his passion and skills onto the field of Base Ball, where Andy hurled many matches with busted up knuckles throughout his career. When Knuckles isn’t busy tinkering with new metal inventions, he likes hanging out with his good pal, Abe, or playing cards.

Andy is the Director of Logistics and Loss for TSC and enjoys fishing, yard work, anything Packers, and hanging out with his family.

“This is by far the most fun I have had playing baseball. I have played baseball in high school, college, and a wooden bat league after college and still, the VBB is by far the most fun. I love the fact that we are bringing back the real history of the game of how it was played. I find myself envisioning playing back in 1864 and find it interesting that a group of players met and played in an open field with no gloves and a handmade baseball just for the love of the game. No politics, no salaries, just plain old backyard fun. I feel very fortunate to be part of it all over 120 years later”, says Knuckles.