Erik “Redbird” Smithson

Erik enjoyed Base Ball his entire life, but until a dare from Joe “Suspenders” Oliver, Erik didn’t have aspirations to start his own club. We all know how those dares come about. Amazingly, in the span of a few months, Erik was able to not only pull together a team, but also get backing from the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball for his club. Today he is trying to build this group of scrubs into a Vintage Base Ball club worthy of the TAOVBB label.

Erik’s nickname, Redbird, was coined from Erik’s history as a tee-ball coach when he used to call his ballists his “little redbirds” while they were practicing. Soon, parents and his little redbirds started calling him “Coach Redbird” and the name has stuck.

Erik became a fan of vintage Base Ball as a way to enjoy some quality time with his children. “Playing this style brings back the Gentlemanly nature and enjoyment of the game that many have lost sight of. I’m proud the be part of something that can be a great representation of our community and provide a family fun atmosphere,” says Redbird.

When he isn’t decked out in 1860’s garb, Redbird, 41, is a construction project manager in Brentwood, TN. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, family fun, camping, and enjoying family time with his wife and three children. We are sure his experience as a tee-ball manager will be a great asset when attempting to manage the Quicksteps.