Jenni “PigPen” Gentry

PigPen is the sole girl on the Quicksteps, but she can really pack a punch.

The Quicksteps found PigPen when we were heading to the General Store to purchase willows and drinking tins for the season. She was crouched beside the store in an old tent trying to find work as a housekeeper. Redbird threw some change at her but his throw went astray and PigPen, seeing the awry throw, dove and caught the change before it could hit the ground. Suspenders and Red Bird were amazed at her quick reflexes, and signed her up immediately.

PigPens name didn’t come around until the first few practices at Rippavilla. Red Bird would be hitting cloud catchers to the outfielders and PigPen would be on second base diving to catch them. “I swear, one time she was on second and Judge Buford dropped his hot dog in the fray behind the backstop. We all felt bad for the ol’ Judge, but we look up and PigPen was trying to get to her feet after diving for it,” says Red Bird. It was then that we decided to name her “PigPen” since she’s always rollin around in the dirt.

PigPen enjoys the game very much, as it gives her a way to roll around in the dirt without everyone judging her like they used to. She also loves smacking the seed over outfielder’s heads when they sneak up, thinking she can’t hit it very far.

Today, PigPen is an International Scheduling Manager and enjoys shopping and sports, along with spending quality time with her son, Wyatt.