Joe “Suspenders” Oliver

Suspenders was also very influential in the creation of the Quicksteps, as he was the co-founder along with Redbird.

Suspenders has loved the game of Base Ball since he could remember. “It’s a game that brings a team together to work toward a common goal,” says Suspenders.

Suspenders and Redbird originally traveled to watch other clubs play Vintage Base Ball, and after Suspenders dared Redbird to start his own club, the Quicksteps were born. Joe didn’t just make a dare though, he also worked tirelessly to get this club up and running.

Suspenders is the first bagger for the Quicksteps, but you’ll also find him at pitcher depending on the situation. In his spare time, Joe is a barkeep, and has been suspended multiple times for making sure the whiskey didn’t spoil. His experience as a barkeep has made him quite ambidextrous, which comes in handy at first base when Redbird or Kneecap’s throws turn into daisy-cutters. The name, “Suspenders” came from his fantastic wife, Danielle, whom often sends Joe out snipe hunting for dinner.

When not on the field, Joe loves spending time with his 4 children, Noah, Maddylynn, Ashlyn, and Brayden.