Matt “Cannonball” Felts

Before the war of Northern Aggression, Cannonball was a carpenter and worked on his family farm. During the war he rode with General Forrest and Morgan. His fellow raiders stuck him with the name cannonball during a skirmish at Vaught’s Hill near Milton. A shot from a tree buster came bouncing across the line and he scooped a willow branch and smacked the cannonball back towards the yanks.

He spent time at Camp Morton Union Prison after being captured in battle, there he saw this new game called base ball. After the war ended, he went back to workin with wood and shaped a few willows thinkin he could hit a few baseballs as good as cannonballs.

Cannonball loves the sport because it combines two things he has always been interested in, history and baseball. He lives that it offers a break from the craziness of today’s world.

Today Cannonball is a music executive at BMG (artist management and publicity) and still a recording artist. His hobbies include woodworking and spending time with his wife of ten years, Jennifer, and his six year old daughter, Abby.